Friday, April 20, 2012

The ombre look

So I haven't had my hair professionally died since I was pregnant with Chloe... yes, I am one of those people that have no problem with my hair getting dyed while pregnant. usually I just do a touch up from a box color at home. However, I want something fun and different. 
I was thinking about going back to blonde.... which is a HUGE change for me. I have been dying my hair dark brown/black since I was 18 (almost 10 years now) and I wanted something drastic and different. Not to mention Chloe is an adorable little blondie and I every time I look at her it reminds me of when I was blonde. 
I was picture ashy blonde with lots of lowlights... so it still looks blonde, but not too Barbie-ish. 
Something like this:
Well, I made the appointment and just had a color consultation. Lets just say the stylist talked me out of dying it totally blonde. Not that it wouldn't look good, but because it would be very high maintenance to keep it up, going every 6 weeks to get root touch ups AND it would take about 3 different times (over the matter of a couple months) to get the look I want since my hair is so dark now.  Being that I am of pretty low maintenance and will definitely not have the time when baby E is here, I opted out for something that I don't know for sure I would be able to keep up (not just time wise, but money wise too since maternity leave is only half my regular pay).  Then she mentioned OMBRE. She described it going from darker to light shades from top to bottom and she would throw in subtle highlights around my face. It would take only 1 sitting and it would be low maintance. perfect! I never really thought of that hair style before, but I think I could pull it off and if I end up deciding I don't like going lighter, it is easier to dye it back to a darker color and less damage on my hair. 
So ombre it is. 
Apparently, I really like Hilary Duffs hair stylist. 
So my homework until my official appointment is to find ombre looks that I like... I need your help finding inspiration! Every time I Google image the look, the same 4 or 5 actresses come up, but I want to see more variety!  What do you all think of the Ombre look? I am not 100% sure about the whole, looks like you have been growing your roots out forever look.
If you could comment with links with cute ombre hair.. that would be greatly appreciated! 


Anonymous said...

My stylist knows me so well that she never makes me too blonde. And when my roots grew out, It looked like I had did the ombre look on purpose but really I didn't. I only get to my stylist once every 3-4 months. What does your natural color look like...When I'm super blonde my roots look black but when I'm a more natural blonde my roots look dirty blonde. Just look at a few pictures of me from the past few months. I got my hair done at the beg of October and didn't have it done until April! lol So it seems like blonde would be a lot of maintenance but it hasn't been for me.

Anonymous said...

btw- I think picture number 4 of the ombre look would be fantastic on you.

crystal.m. said...

Go for it Michelle! You'll look great!!

Zoe Beard said...

I love the 4th picture ombre, that would look good on you. And right now I have a sort of natural ombre from my hair growing out from a redish brown short, cropped bob. Now I have this really cool ombre with my very dark roots fading into redish brown. I really like mine:)

Breanne said...

I went ombre with mine and I LOOOVE it! I want to go even more dramatic next time I go back. you'll look fantastic with an ombre! :)

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