Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little late... but here they are

This week has been crazy busy! Family has been in town for the Holidays, planning for Thanksgiving and getting ready for Chloe's birthday, it's all just so hectic right now. Hectic, but way fun! Anyway, here are my next 10 facts about me. (I really don't know if I can make it all the way to 100 facts) linking up with Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody and her Sunday Confessionals.

31. I am terrified of the dark. I still sleep with a nightlight and have a gripping fear of being in the dark somewhere. I hate that I can't see and then my imagination gets the best of me. Every little noise sounds so much worse than it really is when you are lying there in pitch dark.

32. I LOVE cheese. Seriously. It is in almost every single meal that I eat. I can be considered a cheeseaterian, if there was such a thing. James said he knew I truly loved him when I told him "I love you more than cheese."

33. I am all about Black Friday shopping. I am totally one of those that gets up out of bed 3 hours earlier than the store opens to go wait in line, with hot cocoa in hand. I strategically plan out what stores I am going to first and all the items I need and want. I typically finish my Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

34. I cry every time I get blood drawn. I mean every single time.Which happened to be a lot during my last pregnancy because I was part of an asthma study. I would get my blood drawn about once a month. That could be the reason I don't donate blood. Well that and the fact that I don't have a year between tattoos, which is a rule when giving blood. And I always hear the same thing from the nurses, "why are you crying, you have so many tattoos?" It's way different my friends.

35. I love to read. I just don't have the time anymore. The only 2 books I have read in a while is The Christian Atheist, which I am reading for our small group and the Bible. I wish I could find time to read more. We have bookshelves full of books just wanted to be read.

36. My first official job was a "non security" security guard. I wasn't old enough to get my guard card to be an official security guard. I only worked 1 job, at a raiders vs chargers football game. It was crazy and my section went nuts and got into a fight and no one listened to little 17 year old me. (go figure) It was crazy and I decided that the job was not for me.

37. I am not big on eating meat. It has nothing to do with animal rights or anything. Meat just sort of grosses me out.  I don't like the taste of meat very much and the smell is too overpowering to me. Although, hot dogs are an exception to this rule.

38. I hate my ears. I never wear my hair up because I have a complex about my big ears. I was teased when I was younger so much that now I am self conscious of them, even though James says he loves them, it still bothers me too much.

39. I wanted to join the Peace Corps. I even told James when we first started dating that he can't get to attached to me because I was joining the peace corps and would have to leave him. I still would love to join the Peace Corps, I just have to wait until our kids are grown up and move away.

40. I have arachnophobia.  terribly scared. It makes me cry when I see one and if there is one in our room and James didn't kill it, I won't sleep in the room until we find it and it is dead. And I want proof of it being squished too.
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