Thursday, January 27, 2011


Chloe is betrothed to Noah, who was born just 17 days earlier. He is the son of our best friends. Can't wait for them to walk so we can have a fake wedding! We laid them down next to each other and Chloe tried to get Noah's attention, but he didn't notice. So she started reaching for him and then eventually cried when he wouldn't give her the time of day. I can't believe he already has broken my baby's heart. They did grab each others hand, all on their own. It was too cute.

♥ Michelle

Two Months

Today, Chloe is exactly two months old! I can hardly believe that the time has gone by so fast. She weighs in at 12.5 pounds and she is 23.5 inches long. She has been smiling a lot more now and is starting to really take interest in her toys. She especially loves our black and white shower curtains. If she is fussy, I just take her to go look at them and she turns into a smiling fool. She holds her head up and is pushing with her feet/holding her body weight up with her legs.She grasp things with her hands a lot now, especially my hair (ouch). She makes the most adorable noises and is on the verge of giggling. She really enjoys sitting upright in our laps and looking out into the world. Everyday there is something new that she does that makes my heart go pitter patter. I am just so in love with this girl!

♥ Michelle

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Godsend

Thank you Jesus for Gripe Water. Ever since Chloe has been having these crying spells, we have been desperate for what to do to ease our baby's pain. Three nights ago she was crying for hours and we even called the advice nurse at Kaiser thinking something terrible is going on with Chloe. She said that she is just having really bad gas issues and she even labeled her Colicky. She mentioned Gripe Water, which I had happen to hear about from two other moms earlier this week. So I ran to Target at about 5 minutes to closing and had to frantically search the store to find this product. Two of the associates who helped me said they had never even heard of it. I was just about ready to leave to try and find a 24 hour pharmacy when I finally found the Gripe Water on the very top shelf, pushed way in the back. Why it was hidden, I will never know. For this product should be up in the front displayed for all mommies to easily find with bright lights beaming from it in every direction.
As soon as I got home and gave Chloe this magic juice, she stopped crying instantaneously. She has had a few gas pains from then on and as soon as she starts showing signs of distress, I give her the Gripe Water and within a minute she is back to her happy self. I can't tell you enough how this product is a life saver and is truly a Godsend. For those of you wondering, I used the Mother's Bliss brand of Gripe Water that has an apple taste to it.

♥ Michelle
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