Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Right now, James is painting a big "C" in Chloe's nursery. I love that he wanted to paint something in there himself, I feel it makes it special.

We were so close to having a little Halloween baby. The contractions were coming strong and fast for quit sometime. As soon as I laid to rest a bit before deciding to go to the hospital, they started to subside. :( Another close call. Chloe sure is a tease! I think she likes keeping us on our toes.The anticipation for the little one is killing me!
I am so excited for to finally hold my baby in my arms and not in my tummy! Not to mention all the fabulous family coming in from out of town to meet her. I feel like the next 2 months are going to be the fastest months of my entire life!

James birthday is tomorrow. Wouldn't it be a sweet birthday present to have his baby girl here in the outside world? Lots of fun to be had the rest of the week. Birthday get togethers, baby shower for my sister in law and of course our 2 weekly meetings with our church families. 

Anyone else already half way done with Christmas shopping? I always make it a point to be finished by December 1st. So far, so good! I am really loving and I just realized they have tons of FREE mp3 downloads! woot!

p.s. I don't like that the spell check always tries to change Chloe's name to Cleo.

 ♥ Michelle
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