Thursday, March 18, 2010


Many family members are having or have had a baby. Yesterday, Missy and Joey welcomed Dorian. John and Molly recently had a baby boy. Melissa and Jason recently had baby Sydnee, my cousin Hannah had baby Dylan about 6 months ago and very soon the Marca's will have a baby boy. That's a lot for only half a year.

Seeing the different families blessed with a child is great. I am very happy for each family and so excited to see the all the little ones.

Crystal let us in on a little secret God told her: we will be having a baby boy! God had told her about the other babies expected in the family a while ago, and she was right on all of them so far. That makes me even more excited, I have not only been praying for a baby, but specifically a baby boy.

I know God has a plan for us and our family and He is just taking extra time to send him to us because He is making him extra special. :)

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