Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chloe is 10 months! (Moms, I need some advice!)

Chloe is now an independent little one crawling around everyone. Never sitting still. She "cruises" around all the furniture and has stood on her own a couple times. I know her first steps are near. She still only has her two bottom teeth in, but I see 3 top teeth that are coming in fast and should be here anyday. Her blonde hair is coming in thicker and I can finally put barrettes in her hair! yay!

I cant believe how big she is! She laughs and smiles all the time. She loves her little "lovey" (a small square blanket about a square foot that has a little rattle giraffe attached) and carries that around all the time. She loves to blow raspberries and show "how big" she is. She claps and dances and gives me "kisses" (which are really just an open mouth kiss). I love it so much!
Here is where I need the advice. Lately, about the past 3 days, she has not been wanting to eat while at home. She will eat fine at the sitters everyday, but has refused food every time I try to feed her.  I don't know if it is directly related to her teething or not, but it is so hard to see her not eat! She does want to feed her self little snacks like her yogurt chips or little oat puffs, but she won't eat an actual meal!
To make matters worse, she has been throwing tantrums. If we take a toy away, she falls to the floor and starts screaming and crying. It is hard to deal with and I really just don't know what to do. I feel bad that she cries and I have been trying to just let her throw her fit then she will be over it, but it is so hard when you are in the midst of it. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until she is a toddler! I just bought the Happiest Toddler on the block VHS and will be watching it tonight (yes I still own a VHS player, it comes in handy when the price difference is $20 from dvd to vhs.) I will have to let you know what I have learned from the program and how it works....

I don't know what to do! Anyone else have any suggestions or have they gone through this phase?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbook WINNER

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Halloween Preview

So James and I decided to be something really fun and different this year. We are making our costumes with whatever we have in the closet and only a $15 limit from the thrift store. This should be interesting.I actually didn't buy anything from the thrift store, my costume is made with my clothes I already owned and a hat I made with some craft supplies already on hand! Here is what I came up with so far... It's creepy enough for Halloween with the adults at work, then I can take the makeup off and be a non scary clown for Halloween with Chloe. We are making chloe's clown costume too!(does anyone know where I can buy a black and white striped long sleeve onesie/bodysuit for Chloe?)

Anyway, hope this inspires some of you to come up with something fun and original this Halloween!

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