Friday, January 20, 2012

Topic for discussion...

Yesterday I shared a great band with you and it made me think about the legalities of music. Particularly the copying and sharing of cds.

Now I have never had a problem with copying music from my friends iTunes onto a cd. And i would never have a problem with doing the same for my friends. However, about a month ago, one of my friends kindly pointed out that he thought that was a form of stealing. I really never thought of it that way, but he does bring up a good point. If we did not pay for that cd, it is technically stealing. He suggest letting people borrow the cd and if they like it they can buy their own copy. It makes sense and it supports the musicians financially so they can continue to provide good music. And i definitely want to support the people who make the music i love so very much.

I have decided here on out that i would gladly borrow a cd, but will not upload it to my itunes to keep for myself and if i really want it, i will save money to purchase it. I have not made up my mind about giving burnt cds to others. The reason being is I like to make random cd mixes for people that include significant and meaningful songs. I don't think I will make a full cd for someone just because they like the cd and want it though.

So i wanted to hear your take on this subject. How do you feel about copying music?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awesome band!

My sister in law, crystal recently exposed me to the amazingness called The Civil Wars. Now, i don't know how long they have been around or if they are on the radio all the time or if everyone knows about them already, ( it could be like that time I had just heard of Mumford and Sons and some how everyone else on the planet already knew of them they had been popular for 3 years by then) but i wanted to share them in case you haven't heard... 

You can purchase all of there albums here. Or you can find them on itunes.

Hope you love them as much as I do. btw, I have been REALLY into Folk Country music lately.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tradeshow time

I am currently in orlando for a business trip. I will be here all week and will try to update and read blogs while i can.

This trip is the first of 4 trips that i have pretty much back to back. I come home and then leave a week later for each trip. It will be super hard because this will be the longest time that i have been away from chloe. And i will continuously leave for about a month. And i'm leaving during the time she is learning to walk :(

So i am super bummed

Bright side is that i get to travel for free and we get some leisure time. So i get to check out all these different places.

Anyone know of something cool to check out or a good restaraunt to eat at?

Edit: just finished first day of show. I stood on my pregnant feet in heels for 8 hrs straight. I never want to wear heels again! Definitely running to the store to buy flats to wear tomorrow!

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