Monday, June 7, 2010

woodland nursery inspiration board

So I have been creating some nursery inspiration boards lately (lots more to come!) and I really like this one. I like the colors and the cuteness of it. I like that it is modern without all the pastel extremely baby-like things. I want to keep it colorful and somewhat bright... while James wants to go for the black and gray Adam's family look (no thank you). A lot of the basic items we already own and are trying to work around those.

Anyway, numbering got too much after a while because I included so many things, so just ignore the numbers, I am just going to describe the items and where I got them from.

Basics: Important items that will be included in all our nursery boards. All the items we already own. I also have a changing table cabinet coming from my mom, but have no pictures of it yet.
Crib - Jenny Lind Crib. We have it in white, we are debating on painting it to match the nursery theme/colors.
Pendant Lamps - 2x round pendant lamps. We purchased the lights and dimmer for them from Ikea. We have the same lights in our living room and love them. You should get them quick though. A little bird told us they are going to be discontinuing them soon.
Square Lamp - This lamp lets of a softer glow, perfect for lower lighting/mood lighting. Also purchased from Ikea.
Dresser - we have one very similar to this, we purchased ours at home goods, the one pictured was found at Ikea.

- Ikea. We couldn't decide between the curtains pictured, or THESE. Both would fit in perfectly.
Rug - Faux Bois green and tan rug made by Pottery Barn. An older rug that they no longer sell, but I found this one on Ebay.
Billy Bookshelf - Ikea. I put this under decor, because we will only use it to display things, we already have enough storage options, like our mirrored closet.
Bedding - Stixx bed sheet set found at CB2. I would cut up the fabric and create crib bedding out of it.
Alphabet & Number posters - from ThePaperTray on Etsy
Hoot Owl poster - from Leearthaus on Etsy

Hexpod - hexagon sculpture from CB2. luckily, we already this cute little structure.
Mobile - fun,light and airy... and we can paint the colors to match the room. also found at CB2. purchased on sale, score!
Woodland stuffed animals - Red forest fox, Arthur avacado bear, Reginald raccoon plushies from SleepyKing on Etsy
wooden toy - MULA toy from Ikea. We LOVE wooden toys!

♥ Michelle


Anonymous said...

I like this one the best...


Sandee T said...

You should sign up for, they always have cute prints for sale.

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