James and I met through mutual friends. We have totally different stories on how we actually met. Someday I will have us each write our own version. 
We went on our first "date" in January of 2006  and have been inseparable since.
You can read my version of how we met here.
You can read James' version of how we met here
James proposed to me on December 15th, 2007 in front of both of our families. 

We got married in September 2008 in San Diego at Admiral Baker Golf Course.
It was a beautiful day, one of the two best days of my life.

We had a skeleton and tattoo themed wedding. The colors of our wedding were black and red. Although I don't really love those colors together, I think it just goes perfectly with skeletons and tattoos.

The flower girls (James' nieces) carried tattoo printed parasols.
We had "love never dies" invitations and decorations with  skeletons in love centerpieces. 
kind of morbid for some of you, but if you know us, it was perfect.
We even had personalized tattoos for everyone to wear. 

We had a sand ceremony  where each of our siblings and our parents contributed a little bit of sand to represent the blending of our families. (The white sand represented our marriage having a foundation with God)

 We did the traditional first/mother/father dances:

We had good food and yummy cake:
We even cut the cake with a sword
Since I am very big on scrapbooking, we decided to make our own guestbook. We made each page and had a cheesy love "themes" where people signed and wrote warm wishes. After the wedding, we took pictures that were taken with the table cameras and put peoples pictures next to there messages. Now I have a fun guest book for years to come that is truly personalized and made with tons of love.
oh yes, there was tons of dancing and fun fun fun!

Trust me, it was a good ol' time.

Click here to read about our wedding and see some photos from the off-beat bride.

See some more photos of our wedding on our Flickr account here.

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