Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunny San Diego

My sis gets to have fun in the sun with my baby girl today. Lucky. We actually went to the park a couple weeks ago to visit my mom who was camping at Santee Lakes. Enjoy the pics! I hope its a sun shine-y day where ever you are!


♥ Michelle

Sunday, March 27, 2011

SOS {3.27.11}

Satruday we didn't even change out of PJs. It was that awesome. haha. We had some serious house chores to do and I had tons of stuff to work on for my sister in laws baby shower. So we stayed home and tackled everything on our list. It felt very accomplishing.
Sunday was a busy day! We did the usual in the morning: James had worship practice so Chloe and I went to Denny's for some breakfast. I really wish there was a different restaurant around our church so I could have some variety! Chloe ended up sleeping the whole time I was there, so that was nice and relaxing.
After church we ran around to a bunch of different stores to run errands. It was  fun, but tiring. Now James is out having "guy time and Chloe and I are relaxing at home.
Hope all of your weekends were great! I am sure it was much more exciting than chores and errands. :)

Top: random store in mall
Pants: Old Navy
Boots: Rue
Belt: F21
Owl clock necklace: Boutique in Julian.
Dress: Gifted

Bow: Target
♥ Michelle
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