Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Repurposed inspiration - Headboards

Cool and unique headboards can really add to a room. For many bedrooms, the headboard is a statement piece. I really love all these headboards and the fact that not only do they look awesome. They are all repurposed from something else!

How about this fun headboard made from painted book covers. You can find step by step instructions on Instructables (James' favorite website)
Here is an easy peasy headboard made from reclaimed wood. You can find a wood pallet anywhere these days... usually behind the grocery store. 
All you need are some nails, a little paint to add some cute touches and some clear varnish. 
I like the fact that these oars create a central theme of the room. So creative and fun! I never would have thought of this.
Then there are headboards you can make with things found around a house.... something you can use that you already own, or that you can find at a garage or estate sale. You can create something fantastic from everyday ordinary items, like the headboards below.

This headboard is just a shabby chic room divider.
I think the "quiet" unique letters make it all that much more sweet.
It definitely has the cute repurposed look to it too.

Another fun room divider that was painted a modern color:
Not only do room dividers make good backdrops, but so do old wooden shutters...

All you have to do is add a clear coat, lean against the wall and put your bed up to it and Voila!

This website as well as this one, tells you how to make your own headboard like these from start to finish if you can't find any used ones.  Although, I feel it is best to "go green" and try and find these at your local sales or thrift shops. You can even repaint and shabby them up a bit yourselves. 

A very common door was used for these headboards.
You can even add some fun paint, crown moulding or spindles to make them stand out a bit more.

You can use old gates too:
And we can't forget repurposed windows as headboards, these are my favorite type of headboards.
With the one below, they just added some pretty fabric behind the glass.
and for a really powerful statement piece... you can go for a salvaged mantel:
Okay, so I may have went overboard on all these headboards, but they are all so pretty and fun and can be made using repurposed items!


Nathan said...

Amazing head boards designs cool and loving.
The headboard is to help keep pillows in place while the bed is in use.


Terrie said...

I love the headboards and the color choices. I live in a historical home and our barn is filled with doors & all sorts of other things that I always said I would put to use. I most definitely will after reading your blog. You inspired me. Thanks......Terrie

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