Monday, November 28, 2011

the cutest holiday cards

Have you all checked out the cute Holiday cards they have atTiny Prints? Adorable! We just had our family photos taken while some of the family was in town this past week and I can’t wait to get our Holiday cards sent out this year.  I am especially excited to use the cute prints they have. They have so many to choose from! James and I spent a good hour picking some of our top fave. Here are some that I am thinking of using…
cutest picture ever!
I'm loving the modern zig zag pattern
the gnomes are adorable!
you know how much I LOVE mustard yellow!
They also offer this really awesome one that I think takes the cake. 
One of my favorites!
I love the idea of having the card be an ornament on the tree. Especially because that is where we put all of our Christmas cards that we get from everyone each year .  I love seeing all the smiling faces from loved ones in our tree.  

You guys should definitely check out Tiny Prints for yourholiday cards! Oh ya, and while you are there, you should like them on facebook and vote for our “cutest family” photo on the contest they are running. just click on the picture below. :)
I am so excited for the Holidays! This year we are going to visit James’ family in Oregon, I can’t wait! They are even making sure to wait to have the Christmas Exchange party until we get there, isn’t that sweet? So now we get to go to both the parties this year, yay! Every year both our families have a Christmas exchange party, we exchange cookies, ornaments and homemade gifts. It is so much fun and it is some of my favorite times spent with our family and close friends. 
 I can't wait to see all of your cute little family photo cards!!!

p.s. can you believe yesterday my little baby turned the big 1??? a post on that soon.

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