Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boston so far...

Don't you just love when your pregnant and you sneeze so hard that you pee a little? Ya, i don't either. Especially while your out sight seeing and you have to beeline to the bathroom.

I ended up catching that horrible respiratory virus that chloe has. It just hit me on the 2nd flight over here and i have been pretty miserable ever since. Not only do i have a cold, but my left ear got clogged from the flight and i had a horrible piercing pain in that ear all yesterday and last night. Thank God that healed up when i awoke today. Luckily i can take sudafed and low grade tylenol for the virus which is starting to help. So i can finally start enjoying this beautiful city.

I pretty much stayed in the hotel all afternoon and night and tried to sleep it off, so there wasn't much going on as far as enjoying the city, but today we went to Faneuil park and North Market. it has been really cold out, but i am so glad we went! The buildings are beautiful! I live all the brick! I cant wait to go to freedom trail tomorrow after the show.

Please pray for a fast recovery for both chloe and myself. Especially since i have been looking forward to this trip for 9 months and want to make the best of it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hope everyone has a LOVELY day! I know I will, spending family time with my hubby and very sick daughter before I head off on my business trip. 

and just as I promised... the winner of the feather hair piece

Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't forget..

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Good luck :)

Music Monday - Brandi Carlile

I love this country folk singer and her song, The Story is one of my all time fave. Mostly because it is a perfect love song for James and I and it was in the running for our wedding song. I love how she sings with such passion and I love the twang in her voice. 
So just in time for Valentines day tomorrow, I am posting this song for James, the one I was made for. 

oh p.s. she is on tour now too and tickets are still available!

website - tour - purchase cd
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