Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Update

Still no Chloe yet. Although, little Noah Cruz Yourdan did make his presence in this world on 11/10/10. It was such an honor to be there to witness the miracle of childbirth. We are so lucky God has designed women for such amazing feats. I feel so lucky to be able to experience giving birth to our little girl and feel kind of bad that James will only be able to witness it and not actually physically take part. If that makes any sense....

While in the laboring room with Jackie, I actually was having contractions about every 5 minutes the entire time she was laboring. The Dr told me later that sometimes women who are so close to their own due date and are assisting in a birth can cause your body to go into labor as well... Interesting. Is it kind of like when you have a house full of women and they all end up on the same "cycle" time? Haha. But seriously, I found it interesting. Anyway, I wanted to rest a bit before going to the Dr. because I was living on very little sleep and I knew I needed some rest before going through labor. So we decided to go home and try to sleep for a bit before heading to the hospital, then about 4 hours after we got home, the contractions slowed down again. ugh! This girl is really playing with my emotions!

I went for my final Dr appt on Thursday and she said that Chloe will be here any day now and wouldn't be surprised if it happened that night. Well, it didn't happen and has yet to happen. However, contractions had been going pretty strong, just not close enough to admit me into the hospital. We walked for 3 days straight (and finished all our Christmas shopping while we were at it!) and all I got in the end was lots of contractions and pains and no baby. The contractions finally have stopped coming and I only been getting about 2-3 a day since Monday, which is actually nice now that I can get a full night's sleep! Not to mention, I still have free time and ability to go visit Jackie and baby Noah.

I guess many of James' and my family members who have given birth have said they had tons of false alarms where they go to the hospital and eventually sent back home. So at least this isn't something out of the ordinary. I am actually kind of hoping it is sudden and that my water breaks, instead of having to sit around in the house for hours on end in anticipation and having contractions then finally going in. I think it kinda sounds fun to have your water break and to be honest, all the movies show a lady having her water break. Although, it's a very small percentage of women who's water actually breaks and no one in our families have had their water break on their own.

Luckily, James' mom gets here tonight and will be here until December 3 to help us out and then my Grandma comes out to help too. We are so fortunate to a have loving and helping family!

I am still working so I can get a full paycheck and it helps keep my mind of things. Wouldn't it be funny if my water broke at work? Funny might not be the word I will be thinking of when it happens, but when I look back on it years later, I am sure I will think it is hilarious.

Anyway, that's the not so quick update and I hope to have some time to be able to actually start blogging again. At least I have time to still read all of your lovely blogs. :)

p.s. My coworkers had made guesses as to the birth date, sex of the baby, wait gain and wait of baby early on in the pregnancy and we just took a look at it. It is quite funny. I will have to share it in my next post!

♥ Michelle
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