Friday, August 19, 2011

Western Day

Thank you all for the advice on Chloe. She is doing much better, the humidifier helped so much!

On another note yesterday was western day at Smencils. Here's our dress up photo:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poor Chloe

my little one is sick! There have been some sick little ones at childcare lately and we think she may have got it from that. Oh the joys of taking your baby to day care! actually, our daycare is amazing and this may be the only downfall. Anyway, my poor little babe woke up with a fever and a terribly runny nose. So I took the day off to take care of her. She has been sleeping for over an hour and a half (longest nap EVER for her) and it doesn't look like she will be waking up anytime soon. I gave her some ibuprofen and that really seemed to help with the fever. But what about the baby boogies? I have never seen so much snot in my life. And she HATES the nose aspirator. She cries and screams and it seems like I have to hog tie her down every time I need to suck something out of her nose. She won't even let me wipe her dripping nose without crying. Well, at least she is still eating and drinking her formula. I was told she wouldn't eat or drink anything yesterday. Any moms out there have any tips to help with the runny/stuffy nose?

weird food habits

So Deanna over at Delirious Rhapsody has a post every Tuesday called Topical Tuesday. It's fun and it gets generates discussion, which I like. Anyway, today she talked about weird combonation of food that people eat. I thought it was such a good topic and I would love to hear what you all eat that is totally weird.

She brought up the topic of dipping your fries in frostys from Wendys. I totally do that. But I LOVE to dip my fries in bbq or A1 steak sauce.  in fact, I dip almost everything in bbq sauce.

Speaking of  bbq sauce, I LOVE Arby's sauce and usually take about 10 times the amount I really need when I eat there so I can put it on things that we make at home. Same with Taco Bell mild sauce. Does anyone else do this?

James and I eat peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches almost daily. Although, I can ONLY eat crunchy peanut butter. Creamy peanut butter grosses me out. ironically enough, James can only eat creamy peanut butter, so now we have to buy 2 separate jars of peanut butter, it's ridiculous.

When I was younger I ate sandwiches with processed American cheese and mayo only. I ate them for many many years, now I gag when I think about it. I hate mayo and will only eat the onion mayo from jack in the box. James, however, loves mayo and dips his fries into it! GROSS!

I eat cream cheese with almost anything, you should try dipping pretzels (especially the soft kind) or cheeze it's in it. the best. sometimes I will just have a cream cheese sandwich (with toasted bread of course!)

We also make this amazing fruit dip with marshmallow fluff and cream cheese. If you haven't tried it already, you need to. So good! just mix 1 jar fluff and 1 package cream cheese, whip it together to well blended and then dip fruit it in. so easy and so amazing!

I also love chili pepper or Lucas (Mexican chili powder candy) on my fruits. Just cut fruit up and sprinkle it on. I just love it!

I think I really like the mix of sweet and salty things.

you should hop on over to Deanna's blog and join in on the discussion... or you can just comment them here too. I would love to hear what weird food you all eat.

p.s. here is a most recent post of my little babe playing with her favorite toy:

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