Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peanut. Our little love child.

OKay, one last picture post....

Here is to our baby, or little nutface. He is the cutest, sweetest thing and we smother him too much...... But we know he loves it.

Christmas time in the Schmitz Residence

I was playing with my camera today, snapping tons of pictures of our christmas decorations and our tree.
I would have to say I love our sparse, tall and lanky tree... It's totally us! And we have all these old ornaments from when James and I were kids that our parents gave us. They are so precious and have so many warm and fuzzy memories behind them. I put a few of my favorites here. I think the tree and the ornaments are my favorite Christmas things in our house, hands down. Tonight, Rachel came over and was telling us a story about a bunny ornament we had on our tree, the nostalgia it brings is wonderful. <3
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