Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Fur Kid

With a new child, it is easy to accidentally neglect our fur kid, Peanut. He is the sweetest pup who absolutely adores his parents (us) no matter how silly we dress him up. He was our baby. We took him everywhere, we held him all the time, we loved on him constantly.
 I feel bad saying this, but at first, when Chloe was born I couldn't stand Peanut. He was driving me crazy! He didn't quite understand that he wasn't able to get all of our attention anymore. While I would be holding Chloe, he would be pawing at my arm and whimper for me to pay attention to him too. He would start barking at me to notice him all the time and I just couldn't handle it then. Now, that I have had 3 months to figure out how to balance both, I am pretty good. And peanut LOVES Chloe. He is protective of her when strangers come over and he has no problem sharing our laps with her too.

So here is to our first little one that has now taken a back seat, but still loves us anyway.... 

Any one else have a pets that had to make adjustments when a baby came? How did they deal?

♥ Michelle

Julian, CA

James and I love JULIAN. It is this adorable little town located in the Cuyamaca hills about an hour east of us. We have to drive through some mountains and around a lake on a windy road to get there. I seriously love when we go. We get a long car ride to talk, laugh, listen to music, sing and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The town is full of history, cute adorable shops and tons of apple paraphernalia, since that is what they are known for. Trust me, come apple season in Septemeber/October, Julian is packed! They have so much history in this old mining town. There is a cemetary  , historic houses and jails and they have a self guided history hunt that takes you all around the town telling you interesting facts. You can even go into apple orchards and pick your own apples. Oh ya, and you can't forget there amazing PIES and there handmade confections and candied apples. Julian just screams ultimate sweet date day with all its rustic charm.

When my dad came to town, I wanted to show him this cute little place. Since I was still on maternity leave, we were able to go during the week when there would be very little tourist traffic. James and my sister Virginia unfortunately had to work and weren't able to make it, but we still managed to have fun. The day was gorgeous with sunshine and crisp mountain air. Then, the wind blew - oh man. It was so freakin' cold when the wind picked up. We would run into the shops just to get warm, poor Chloe. She was bundled so much she could hardly move.
Main Street
The Cider Mill has all homemade confections, snacks, goodies and of course cider. We love there Golden Nuggets and have to get them every time we are in town.

This bakery has the BEST Candied apples. It is also super adorable inside too. Unfortunately, it was closed :(

The first time I have seen Mom's Pie Shop with no line out the door! Trust me, this NEVER happens.
YUM. I wanted to try them all.
This was the wallpaper inside Mom's. I seriously have wall envy right now. I so want this for my kitchen.
My sister Tiffany and her boyfriend Kevin. Love these two. I do hope they get married someday. We already introduce Kevin as Uncle Kevin to Chloe.
My dad & Jeannette

They had real wood burning stoves and fireplaces in the shops and eateries. I loved it.

There are more pictures, but for some reason my computer is giving me problems right now. So I am just going to leave it at that. If you live in the San Diego area, seriously take the drive to Julian, I promise you will love it.

♥ Michelle

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My dad visits San Diego! (picture heavy)

I know it has been a month since my dad has come to town, but I have been super busy and I knew this post would be long.

Let's start off by saying that I love my dad and we have a pretty good relationship now, but it wasn't always so. In fact, we had pretty much no relationship at all while I was growing up and I was really bitter and angry towards him. Long story short, God helped me see how I needed to repair my relationship and He helped me forgive my father. Now, my dad and I have seen each other a couple times since we started talking again. Even though we talk all the time, I haven't physically seen my dad since our wedding back in 2008. Since then we have had a child (obviously) and my dad has recently married. So, we took this opportunity to get to know the new people in each others lives.

First off, my father's wife Jeannette, is the sweetest southern woman you have ever met. She was funny, charming and a Christian. She took the time to really try and get to know us and even told us a lot about herself and her children. My dad and Jeannette spent a lot of time with Chloe as well. They loved holding her and taking care of her and even when she was crying they wanted to try to settle her down. The first time my dad saw Chloe and wanted to hold her, he held his arms so awkward and was extremely cautious, it was adorable.

We took them all over San Diego, acting like tourist in our own town. I must say, this has got to be one of the best times I have ever spent with my dad and in the end I was incredibly sad to see him go.

fun fact: my dad is apparently obsessed with Harley Davidson. He wore a HD shirt every single day he was here. And he bought all this baby HD stuff for Chloe.

The first day here we headed to Old Town.... James and I love this place! The history, the scenery, the artisan shops, dia de los muertos art everywhere and the Mexican food (Yum)!

We also went to the San Diego Zoo. James and I have year passes that we got from my sister and her boyfriend for Christmas. We go all the time.  It seriously is huge and we always go see something new each time we go.

We wanted to take them to the beach and we knew that Mission Beach would be prefect. Not only is there the beach, but it has Belmont Park which is a boardwalk with fun shops, carnival games, a roller coaster and rides (although, I NEVER go on the rides).

And of course, there was tons of Mexican food and taco shops to be visited. Jeannette told us all my dad could talk about was Robertos. I am not gonna lie... I could eat Mexican food EVERY DAY!

We went some other places too... particularly a cute little mountain town called Julian... but with so many pictures, I thought I would spare you and save that for another day.

♥ Michelle

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tunes

This weeks play list is pretty mixed...

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♥ Michelle
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