Friday, April 13, 2012

Repurposed inspiration - Suitcases

Since our company is an eco friendly company that sells eco friendly products, we are very aware of Earth Day on April 22nd. In fact, James and I have to work at a booth at the San Diego Earth Fair this year. I am actually excited (not just for the overtime pay) because we usually go there every year anyway. It's really neat to see all the eco friendly products and ideas they have. I have been spotting some fun projects to do that are easy and help keeps products out of a landfill.
There are so many great ideas for repurposing that I decided to make multiple post.

Today - Vintage Suitcases
James and I find a lot of vintage suitcases are our local swap meet. We actually almost picked up one last time we were there. I think I might have to go ahead and get one or two or three next time we go. 

I would love to make a bed like this for Peanut. He's about the size of those kittens in the photos

okay, so I really LOVE vintage suitcase furniture. They are stylish and great for extra storage.
 Sherri from the SalvageShack made the pieces below. Check out her Etsy store here



A fun laptop stand. You can find this piece here.


And a chic little nightstand made by the same person. This would be great in a guy or gal's bedroom

Or what about this SUPER AWESOME BoomCase
A BoomCase is "The Self Powered Portable Suitcase Stereo system that works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone plug." as stated by the website.

or how about an easy DIY filing cabinet?
She said she made this in about 5 minutes with an according file and Velcro tape. 

There is also this interesting medicine cabinet made by T.O.M.T
(seriously, check out there site for all awesome things repurposed)


well, that's enough vintage suitcase eye candy for now... Let's see what fun repurposed theme I can come up with tomorrow!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Belated Easter Pictures

We had 2 Easters this year, one with my family and one with James' dads side of the family. On Saturday our family went up to my parents house. We ate a yummy dinner, dyed eggs, played a long game of dice (also known as Farkle) had an egg hunt for Chloe and another one for the adults and played a crazy game of kickball/dodgeball with all the new bouncy balls Chloe got for Easter (like 5 balls, seriously). We even took turns pulling Chloe around the big yard in her wagon for about an hour.  My mom got Chloe this adorable pink Easter dress. I loved how it swooshed and bubbled out and it looked like a little bell moving side to side when she walked. Chloe actually "hunted" for eggs. We really just threw about 24 eggs out in the middle of the yard and made it really easy for her. She held her basket the whole time and would pick up each egg and place them in the basket. She would loose interest about every 3 eggs, then come back to it. Her egg hunt took a little while to finish and we all had to help bring her attention back to the eggs. It was fun spending time with my family.

My mom found this cool way to dye eggs for Easter. You actually dye the egg white, not the shell. 

On Sunday, we went to church, which was AWESOME. I needed it so much! Chloe had a big melt down at breakfast in Coffee Bean and I may have cried a little, so just being at church and feeling His presence really helped. We went to James' dads house after church and met up with all his siblings and there kids. They had another little Easter hunt for the babies, Chloe was definitely not into this time and just looked at the eggs, then walked away. They then had an adult egg hunt for all of the siblings. James dad is a master egg hider and it took all of us (8 total) over an hour to find all the eggs. We ate another big family dinner and then just relaxed the rest of the night. James' step mom brought down James' sisters toy stroller from when she was little. Chloe was in love. She pushed that stroller everywhere.  I can't wait until Chloe is a little older and I can hide her Easter basket and eggs around the house and she will really be into it!

All in all it was a great Easter surrounded with family and love. 

I haven't had time to really read any blogs lately, crazy hectic with work and life. But I hope everyone had a great Easter! I can't wait to get time to read through my fave blogs and read and see pics of how your holiday went!

p.s. I can't always blog, but I do find more time to update Instagram. 
So if you use it, you should find me!
username: Schmitzel 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday - Mae

I absolutely love mae! I even walked down the aisle at my wedding to one of there songs, The Sun and the Moon. I love piano and love how it is strong instrument used in every song. It is even better live because they mix it up a bit and add more random piano rifts that are just beautiful! Unfortunately, they went on haitus in 2010, but I still love thier music and wanted to share.

This is their live version of The Sun and The Moon, they never made an official video. This is the song I walked down to the aisle to. 

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