Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Obsessions

There are MANY things I have been obsessing about lately.

The first is food. haha, it's so cliche for a pregnant woman, I know. I have been thinking about yogurt EVERYDAY. Especially with fresh fruit (bananas & blueberries particularly) and granola mixed in. mmmmm. Seriously, that's all I can think about. I also crave a fresh spinach salad from time to time. At least I am craving healthy things!

The second is home decor (obviously). I looooove This designer I have recently heard about, Michael Penney. He is Canadian, he is AWESOME. And his designs are so cute and colorful and makes me want to re-think my whole house. Plus, he does a lot of designs on a low budget. You know how much I love doing things on the cheap.

The third is Photography! I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at all the talented photographers out there. Here are a couple links I have been looking at lately.
Heather Pepin Photography -
Tec Petaja Photography -
the Maternal Lens -

The last is another obvious, BABY STUFF! I am looking at EVERYTHING from core blood research to nursery to maternity pants that I will be needing probably sooner than later. I found some really cute baby blogs lately:
I heart Baby -
Spearmint Baby -
the bump - www.the

With so much down time from schools being closed for Spring break, I have had a ton of time to check out these blogs/websites. You should really check them out. They may make your heart pitter patter too.


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