Thursday, July 26, 2012


I actually found a little time today to sew some pillow cases my sister had been wanting to create for sometime now. Thank goodness my sister came over to help watch Emery while i did this or i definitely would never have time to get around to it. It was nice to be able to put off my chores, hand my baby over to her loving auntie and just focus on a little crafting again. :)
Arent these cute? I just love chevron pattern, especially yellow and white chevron! These are going right on my sisters bed. I would love a pair of these pillows for my living room....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

photo shoot inspiration

For our little family photo shoot we are going to do royal blue, white and pink/fuchsia. I am so excited about the colors. I whipped up a quick inspiration board. Sorry, I didn't have the time to source these items, but they are mainly items from old navy and target and just random google images. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm not dead, just busy...

So motherhood is not super easy for me. It never was with Chloe and it is even harder for me now with Emery added to the mix. However, just because it isn't easy doesn't mean I don't love it. Sure there are hard days where I don't even know how I can keep my eyes open because I haven't had a decent amount of sleep in the last month, but waking up to Chloe's smile and Emery's little coos are so wonderful and worth all the sleepless nights. I just continually pray to God for patience, energy, wisdom and grace.

We have been doing so much with the babies! Spending some good quality time with our families before we leave. We go to tons of parks and Chloe has officially fell in love with swimming, so we do that a lot now too. In fact, Emery had her first pool experience yesterday and she seemed to really like it! (And her little polkadot swimsuit was adorable, I just couldn't get over it.) Oh and Chloe also loves the drive in movies, so we can finally go to see a movie now too. We are also trying to go to some San Diego outings that we won't get to do once we leave. which means lots of beach time. :) 

And since we are leaving our families want to get photos done with everyone, meaning we have 3 photo shoots to do in the next month. We have already done one that didn't go so well because Chloe refused to stand still (or stand at all for that matter). So I finally just told the photographer to just take them, even if she is lying on the ground crying because I won't let her have Emery's bottle of milk. We will just have to look back on the photos and laugh (someday later down the road)....

It is hard to get on the computer to write a post when I am holding and nursing the baby or running after/playing with Chloe. So, please forgive the lack of post. Right now the most special thing to me is spending as much time as I can with these two little ones before I have to go back to work in September. 

If you use Instagram, follow me! That is the only thing I actually have time to update. And I post tons of pics of my babies on there! username: Schmitzel

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