Thursday, June 16, 2011

So funny I cried!

I watched this little YouTube video from my friend Betsy's blog at Three.20.  Seriously, so funny that I was laughing with tears. You should definitely watch it!

I don't care whether it is real or not, it is just too awesome!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Portraits by Heather Pepin

Here are some of our family portrait pictures taken by the talented Heather Pepin. She has taken our engagement photos, our maternity photos and now our family photos. I love that she has been there with us throughout the years. You can also see her blog where she post shots from her shoots as well as beautiful pictures from her everyday life. Stop by her blog and tell her what a fabulous job she has done. :)

Can I just say I James and I made a pretty good looking baby. Look at those rolls, gotta love them! She is definitely not camera shy. If you want to see more of these you can find them on my Flickr account HERE.






If you want to see more of these you can find them on my Flickr account HERE.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Homemade Goodness {Vol 3}

Beatrice is a sweet young lady who has a sweet blog. She is a budding clothing line designer with a new Etsy little Etsy shop. She sells fabric coasters, hairclips and skirts all designed and handmade by her! Her Etsy shop is not even a month old, so make sure you check it out, add it to your favorites and watch it blossom!
Check out both her blog and her shop. She is even hosting a giveaway on her blog that is ending on Thursday, so go say hi and enter! Beatrice also just let me know she will be adding new items to her shop this week!

Your shop name: BeaTea & Company @
Your Blog name: Sew Bea @
Describe what items you sell in your shop: Right now I sell skirts that I designed and made, coasters made out of cotton fabric and cotton cording, and some cute hair clips that I designed. I also do custom orders!
Why did you start your shop:
I love making and creating items that make my costumers happy! My dream is to have my own clothing line as my shop gets bigger, so at my shop I am slowly making my "small" clothing line bigger.
How old is your shop:
I just opened it on May 15th. 
What is the price range of items: My prices range from $6.00 to $33.00
What makes your shop so special?
Hmm that is hard to say, I guess my shop is special because all my items are made by hand and are made from the best supplies! So you would be supporting a small business buying from me :)

From time to time I will be featuring my readers Etsy shops on here or any Etsy shop that strikes my fancy and is willing to be featured. It's a great way to spread the love, share the shop and get the word out about your little slice of Etsy.  If you have a shop that you would like featured, just email me at SheSaidBlog{at}Ymail{dot}com

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