About Us

HI! I'm Michelle and I am married to James. We are first time parents to a darling baby girl and sweet old pup. We are both twenty something and have hearts for Jesus. We were both born and raised in San Diego, but we hope to one day own a home in the Oregon/Washington area. We are avid tattoo collectors and our plan is to get at least one tattoo every year for the rest of our lives. We're blessed to be able to work for the same company, Smencils. So we basically see each other 24/7.

I like to consider myself a crafty gal who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything. I LOVE vintage items, especially furniture. I love to bargain shop for hidden treasures. I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and many times people can't tell if I am kidding or not. I like to consider that an art form. I collect owls, birds and deer. I became a Christian at 21 years old. I LOVE girly, frilly things even though I am not really all that girly. My favorite colors are mustard yellow, gray and teal. I am pretty much an open book.

James is a musician (particularly plays electric guitar) and an artist who can quote almost any movie you have ever seen. He is ridiculously funny and can always make people laugh (and by people, I especially mean me). He can rock a mustache like no bodies business. He also loves vintage things. He has been a Christian almost his entire life. He comes from a HUGE family.
He is my gentleman that I have always dreamed of marrying.

We love God and He is our rock. We attend City Bible Church San Diego and we're loving it.

Our baby, CHLOE DARLING was born on November 27th, 2010.  She is spunky, just like her momma! She makes the funniest facial expressions, especially with her eyebrows. She is contemplative like her dad and is pretty quiet for the most part. She loves to play music and dance, hopefully she will take after her dad and be a musician. She is such a water baby and always wants to go swimming or take a bath.
   She likes to stay up late and sleep in. She loves to eat everything in sight.
She is loved by many and loves many back. She is our little darling.
age 6 months

age 11 months

age 6 months
age 2 months

In addition to our little girl,we also have an awesome dog, Peanut, whom we adore. He is a 9 year old teacup chihuahua who is afraid of practically everyone. Who wouldn't be when they are tiny?

We have a blast enjoying what life has to bring and love every minute of it.
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