Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 Year Anniversary

Tuesday was our 2 year anniversary. My, how time has flown by! And soon we will be a family of 3 (4 if we count Peanut, which we do). I just can't believe it.


I was feeling sickly again this year (same as our anniversary last year) and I really couldn't move around all that much, but James rolled with the punches. He bought me flowers and even brought some to our work. It was so cute. We went to dinner and just stayed home to watch some movies. It was a nice low-key date night and even though it wasn't super romantic, it was perfectly us. I promised James we would save the romantic date for when I am feeling a bit better, hopefully this weekend.

Thank you for the best 2 years of my life. James, your such a wonderful, caring, Godly husband that I am so very proud of.

♥ Michelle

Nursery Update

We finally got started on our nursery. We painted the crib a gorgeous teal/aqua color and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We decided to go with aqua, yellow and hints of pink for the nursery colors. I was shopping online at plasticland and found a really pretty art hanging to put in the nursery, but when we went to purchase, they were all sold out! :(  I have been scouring the site waiting for it to come back into stock. Here is our inspiration:

The edging color is pretty much what the crib color is. I will post updated pics of the nursery soon.

♥ Michelle

Baby Bump - Week 28

"Your baby has doubled her weight in the past month and is the size of a bag of flour. She now weighs almost 2 1/2 pounds. Her total length is nearly fifteen inches. Your baby's lungs are now capable of breathing air! This is big news. It means if the baby is born from now on, she'll be able to survive with less medical intervention. Your baby's main job right now is to put the finishing touches on major organ systems, such as her brain, lungs, and liver. As you can probably tell, she's also working on gaining layers of fat. Her body fat is about 2 to 3 percent. Your baby's eyes, which were covered by her eyelid folds at the sixth week of development, are capable of opening this week. Her sucking and swallowing skills are improving." -

♥ Michelle

Mashed Potato Contest

Our lovely Smencil company decided to have a Mashed Potato contest. Our boss beleived he could make the best mashed potatoes ever, and just to prove it we all had to bring our best in and have a cook off!

Let me say, ALL the entries were good. We even had people who didn't work here participate. James and I decided to create separate entries. He made a ranch flavored dish and mine was more like really amazing loaded potatoes with real bacon and all.

I came in second and James' dish came in third. How's that for two people who never cook? We now know what to bring to every potluck we get invited to. haha.

♥ Michelle
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