Pregnancy with E

With as long as it took to get pregnant with Chloe, we thought that we would wait until Chloe was 1.5 years old and then start "trying" and hopefully be pregnant by the time she was 2... well even though this little baby came quite unexpectedly, we are super excited and feel extremely blessed!

I am due June 4th. 

We decided to find out what the gender was in a different and fun way. Haley gave us an idea and we went with it. You can watch the video below from when we found out Baby E was a She.

We found out we were pregnant with baby #2 on October 25th. We knew something was up, I had been obnoxiously tired for a couple of weeks and I seemed to be nauseous a lot and it wasn't seeming to get better. The biggest thing to tip us off: our dog peanut had been extra lovey and cuddly with me. The only other time he had ever been like that was when I was pregnant last time. 

We decided to wait to break the news in person with all of our family at James' birthday party. We had Chloe wear a "I'm going to be a big sister" shirt to the party. It took a little while for people to notice, but it was a fun way of breaking the news.
I'll be posting more and more about the pregnancy in the blog... so stay tuned!
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