Thursday, August 2, 2012

Organic Baby Bjorn for Sale

This baby carrier is the original baby bjorn. It is made from organic cotton. It's ergonomic for your child. Properly supports your child's head, back and hips from birth. It is safe and user-friendly, easy for you to to put on and take off without assistance. Fully adjustable, Wide padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly over back and shoulders. By tightening or loosening the bands for the head support, you can adjust to fit the child perfectly. The child can be worn inward toward your body or face out to the world. All adjustments can be made from the front so you wont need assistance. The front can be opened completely so your sleeping child can be lifted out without waking them up. - Baby Bjorn Website

ages: newborn and up
color: walnut- color shown in pictures
size: one size fits all

Bought this at Babies R Us for $100 asking $50 will be up in my shop as well!
Email me at shesaidblog{at} if you are interested!

The move is all coming together nicely

The Lord just keeps opening up doors for our move up north. We are officially going to be residence in Vancouver, WA. We are renting a 1600 sqft 3 bedroom home with nice upgrades, super convenient location and a backyard! All for cheaper than we pay for our small 2 bedroom apartment now (oh the joys of living in expensive San Diego). We move at the end of August. We already told our work that we are leaving and now I am on a job hunt to start around the first of September. I am sad to be leaving Emery to go to work, but James will be home with the girls for paternity leave and James' mom is going to be babysitting the girls when we both go back to work. I am so excited that we will have such an amazing women to help us raise our children.

Please pray that I find a job soon. I hate this uneasy feeling of not 100% sure our finances are secure. Although if I don't find a job right away it is okay because we have saved up at least 2.5 months rent and bills money. And I have no shame in getting a job at fast food place or something to bring in at least a little money until I find a career.

Again sorry the updates are so short and choppy. It's hard trying to move across states when you have a 7 week old and a 20 month old. And trying to spend as much time with family and friends as possible before we leave. Talk about no time to do anything else! haha. I am definitely busy but it is a great kind of busy!

oh and please forgive my numerous advertisements of things I am selling.  You never know who could want it, though. We are really trying to downsize before we move!

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