Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well here it goes...

Getting a lot of stuff done around the house this week. Some good while some other experiences are almost depressing for me. . . I need to sell some of my music gear! WHY?!??!!? I guess this day had to come eventually though. I really had too much stuff than I actually needed. . . not that possessing about 6 guitars is a bad or selfish thing at all. . . we just really need more room round here, nah mean?
Anyways, I'm excited because Michelle is getting to know her new sewing machine really well. Learning this all by herself, not even with the help of some YouTube video like we normally do for EVERYTHING! What would we do without YouTube? Probably all die in 7 days. She is making curtains out of a duvet cover (thinking outside the box) which totally makes sense because there is a ton of material in it and IKEA always has them on sale. $20 for the duvet cover vs $60 for curtains. . . hmmm
Oooh, and big news came this week! My brother and his wife, Melissa, just had their baby! A month early, but a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Sidnee. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jason and Melissa right now as they begin to experience the rest of their lives with their daughter. Love you!

- James

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PartyLite Party Soon...

We are having a Candle Party soon. So excited! We came up with the Marie Antoinette theme and made the invites ourselves! And I did it all on PAINT. Can you believe it?

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