Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Northwest Living

Hello lovelies! I hope summer has been good to everyone. I can't believe fall is already here! Although this 90 degree weather we are having sure doesn't make it feel like fall.

We made it up to Vancouver, Wa all in one piece. The babies did wonderful! Both Chloe and Emery were patient and calm, which was such a blessing for a 2 day road trip. We are loving our new house! It is so roomy! Plus we have a pretty little backyard that Chloe can play and run around in. She has made some fun animal friends back there too! We have tree frogs, snails, squirrels and more and she has fun naming them and spying them. She even asks us to go find snails with her!

I finally found a job after 6 weeks of applying. I start later this week working in an office! Thank you all for your prayers! God has been constantly blessing us throughout this big journey.
He is so good. We know He wants us here and He is constantly opening up doors of provision for us.

Chloe is getting so big and is starting to say full, small sentences. And Emery is trying to sit up on her own. She is getting to be so big too and she loves to smile and talk/coo (and so loud at that)! She is also teething like crazy. I will have to do more in depth post about the girlies soon.

We love our new church too! We attended City Bible Church in San Diego and they have a vancouver campus up here! Can't wait to get more plugged in!

We are loving our new life and missing our family back home like crazy. Its been bitter sweet.

Hopefully as things start winding down around here (and we start getting more and more boxes unpacked) I will be able to find the time to blog more! I miss it! And I know I have to keep our family and friends back hone updated on our new adventure.

-until next time!
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