Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Placenta Encapsulation


I went to a wedding on Sunday where the grooms mother was a pretty well known Doula. She had many other doulas attending the wedding and helping out throughout the night. I was approached by many of these doulas, with tummy rubs and birthing questions. One of the doulas mentioned placenta encapsulation and told me I should really look into it. 

At work, there are 3 of us ladies who sit next to each other, all of us pregnant. It has been fun talking about babies and births and questions of what's to come. We have all mentioned placenta eating before and were making fun of it and joking about it. So I mention it to the ladies as I came into work on Monday and we all immediately started looking into it. As it turns out, there are MANY benefits to it...

So I have decided to try it out. Yes, I will be one of those "hippies" that will in some form or another digest my placenta. But before you judge, take a look into the benefits and you may be surprised what you find. I have included some info on it below and included links to where I have looked up info (although this doesn't really show just how many websites I visited today to research on this... I probably spent a good 4 hours on this). I will be participating in what they call "placenta encapsulation". 

I have decided to create my own placenta pills. I would have a doula do this, but the cost is $250 starting and I don't have enough time between now and when the baby comes sometime in the next two weeks (or any day now for that matter) to save up the money to do so. So, James mom has graciously said yes to helping me create these pills (thank you so much!!!) and hopefully I will be able to reap the benefits of the afterbirth (still creeps me out to say it). 

Placenta Encapsulation: "Whereby the placenta is completely dried, ground and placed into empty capsules for ingestion. The dehydration process preserves the placenta, allowing the mother to benefit from it for weeks postpartum." - Placenta Benefits.info

Benefits: Because the placenta comes from your own natural hormones, it is already in tune with what your body needs. Supposed benefits include: replenishing depleted iron, providing energy, help to lessen postnatal bleeding, increase milk supply, quicker uterus shrinking, balance emotionally and help with post partum depression. If you freeze and save your pills, you can even use them during menopause.  - Placenta encapsulation San Diego
"The capsules are beneficial for any stressful transition. Having to leave the baby to go back to work, a job loss in the family, or a move can cause stress that can be helped with placenta capsules. Since the capsules also help with fatigue and milk production, they can be taken any time the mother feels worn down or needs to increase milk supply." - Placenta Benefits.info

How to create placenta pills: (warning: these are graphic, with pictures!)

I'll let you know how it goes. I might or might not be participating on creating the actual pills, depending on how long I will be in the hospital. But I will let you know how the actual pill making turns out and how I feel when taking them. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

38 weeks!

I feel like i am about to pop! My tummy is much bigger than it looks in the pictures... (Black is slimming) the baby has dropped and is sitting pretty low now. I cant cross my legs when sitting and she loves to kick my bladder. I feel like i just have to pee every single time i stand up! I have been having mild contractions here and there, but nothing to make me think the baby will be here any minute. I am really hoping that emery come 5/27 that way her and Chloe are exactly 1.5 years apart and so i can remember their birthdays easier. Haha

This baby sure is making me tired though and her kicks and jabs are starting to become unwelcome... But at least shes moving, so i cant really complain. I am just at that "SO OVER IT" stage and cant wait to meet her.

On a GREAT note... I no longer have placenta previa!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers! God is my healer and he had given me peace no matter what the outcome of the ultrasound would have been... But I'm not gonna lie, it was awesome to hear the technician say that the placenta has moved and it was "no where near" the cervix. Such great news after the placenta hadn't moved at all for over 10 weeks and in just a little over a month it had moved so much.

Speaking of placentas... More on that in my next post.

Music Monday- Generation Unleashed

This band is from Generation Unleashed , a youth ministry of City Bible Church. We play there songs at worship for church a lot. And since James is on the worship team, I hear these songs a lot.

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