Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LOW COST food for $30 or less

Our friends have told us about two wonderful websites in which you can get at least a weeks worth of food for $30 or less. They even have fresh veggies and fruit sets.
Take a look at these two websites, they have pickup locations all over and would save a TON on money. You can pick the different "sets" that you want.




Donna G said...

Love the new site, can you post a link to the coupon site as well. :)

James & Michelle said...

oh ya! AND I just got an email from pathways, saying that are going to start doing the treasurebox thing too! And your mom's name was mentioned as wanting to help. Isn't that awesome that it was just a day or two after you mentioned it?

Janet said...

Hey Michelle,

I just heard about another food program called Golden Share today at Lake Murray CC. We went there to meet with the Treasurebox rep. The pick up site for Golden Share is at Sonrise. I got the skinny on Angel Food, since some of the food is fresh and is shipped from a production place in the South the food has been known to be mildewy and totally defrosted, so be careful!

Lauren Herrington said...

FUN! This site is so CUTE!

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