Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Almost Died

I know that the "We almost died" phrase is used quite often and not always to be taken literally. But this time it totally is. We really did, literally, almost die!

We were driving on our way to work. James driving, crossing the trolly tracks on Petree and Marshall. It was a green means go light. As we were driving through the interesection, a white van that was driving perpendicular to us ran a red light. I look up and see the van coming straight toward me. It's not like the van was stopped at the light and decided to go, he was coming from a distance and gunned it, acting as if we were not there and his light was green instead of ours.

Thank goodness God decided it was not our time to go. The van missed us by a couple inches. I thought for sure he was going to t-bone us. The thing is, he didn't even touch his brakes, not even after he almost hit us. It all seemed to go in slow motion.

We were so shocked and startled that we pulled over immediately to calm down and thank God for watching over us.

Things like this really make you appreciate life. And make me not want to drive.


Donna G said...

i'm so glad you two are safe. i understand crazy drivers it seems like we are near the mecca of the nut cases. we are praying for you always :)

Lauren Herrington said...

WHAT!? that's crazy. Long long would it take to walk to work for you guys?. haha

Donna G said...

totally unrelated to this post but i found this today and you must make it for the pnut

Virginia said...

I am so glad that God was looking over you guys. Love you!

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