Monday, June 7, 2010

Boy Nursery Inspiration Board #2

Most of the items in this board we already own, which works out better for us. I am just not 100% sure if it is definitely the one I want to go with. This room came about as we were literally walking through Ikea, so most things are from there. :)

Dresser- Ikea
Crib - Jenny Lind
Pendant Lamps - Ikea
Table Lamp - Ikea
Side Table - a perfect side table that has underneath storage! and matches the light wood color on the chair. Found at Ikea
Chair and Footstool - comfortable, bouncy, has a built in pillow and comes with a footstool, awesome! Also at Ikea.

Curtains - we already own these, I think they are from Target. The color is turquise
Paint - We want to liven up the room with some paint, although since it is a temporary apartment we won't go too crazy with details because we will be moving 6 months after. We wanted to go with a mid to light yellow to add some more color. Maybe even make it striped?
Throws - striped fleece blankets from Ikea
Bedding - striped bedding from Ikea. I would use the material to create my own baby bedding.
Rug - Ikea. We actually use to have this very rug and we liked it, although right in front of our living room floor, it got a tad too dirty for us. It would go perfect in a "little monsters" room though.
Art - the "BILD" poster is pretty big and is awesome. It has monsters drawn all over it and it looks like over sized kid's art. We love it. Also found at Ikea.
Mobile - light and airy and color paintable. CB2

little monster stuffed plushies - we really like the "ugly dolls" collection. And various monsters found on Etsy.
Hexpod - found at CB2

♥ Michelle


Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Holy heck! You seriously made those frames look so rad I had to stop and stare for...well...longer than I will admit. Your blog is sheer awesomeness!

If I remember right, you asked about the pendant graphic? I just kind of made that. Should I make more? I could share them on my blog or something. Let me know if you have any special requests! :)

James and Michelle said...

Hello Megan!
I am so glad you like it! Thank you so much for sharing the frames with everyone! I think your blog is the best and I always recommend it to everyone!

I did ask about the pendant. If you have time, it would be great to share it on your blog. I think they just scream summer cuteness!

Also, can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and website!
(and my husband wanted me to mention that the picture of your house is exactly how we pictured our dream home, its beautiful!)

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