Monday, January 17, 2011

Suggestions, please!

I need some motherly advice on the 4 topics below. Any suggestions, whether you tried it yourself or knew someone who did or even just read about it some where. I will try them all to see if they work and let you know, in case anyone else is seeking the same advice. Thank you x a million, mommy bloggers!

 1. How to keep baby from falling asleep while breastfeeding? she never fully finishes one breast and so she is not getting the important hind milk that she needs. It ends up making her have an upset stomach and cranky, among other things.I have tried tickling her feet, stroking her face, lifting her arms, undressing her. nothing works more than just for a few seconds.

2. How to help relieve gas pains? We use the mylecon drops, but those don't always seem to help. We burp her over the shoulder, lying over the legs, and having her sit in a scrunched position, however, she still seems to be hurting from the gas and sometimes it takes her 30 minutes to get it out. We definitely want to find some faster relief for her.

3. How to integrate formula into her diet? I would much rather exclusively give her breast milk, however, sometimes I am just not producing enough for her and she cries and cries until we can unfreeze some of my reserve milk. the problem is, that happens so often that we don't have much of a reserve left and I will be starting back at work in no time. I am afraid that when push comes to shove, /I will be forced to supplement with formula. So we tried a formula bottle last night, just to see if she would take it. She was definitely not having it. She had the most disgusted look on her face and would spit the bottle out of her mouth. She has bottle fed (my breast milk) many times before and has no problem with the bottle, so it must have been the formula. I don't necessarily plan on definitely using formula, but I want to leave my options open just in case.  I am just nervous that when I head back to work, she will have nothing to eat. :(

4. How to make tummy time fun/interesting? I know it is important for her to get tummy time, but all she does is cry or fall asleep every time I put her on her tummy. I have tried playing with her to keep her awake, but she just does not like it. I want her to be able to stay awake and calm down enough to start trying to lift her head up higher.

like I said, ANY  logical suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated!

♥ Michelle


Rylie said...

cute blog! I like it. :)
-Rylie from

Adriana said...

I had a little baby mirror for Henry for tummny time and that was the best. He really liked that.
Also, I would try to up your milk supply before giving into the formula. Have you tried the mothers milk tea? Also, Have you ever tried "power pumping". I ahd some issue with my ilk supply and i googled power pumping and tried it and it worked!! You pump or nurse on and off every half hour for a couple hours. The next day I had way more milk for sure.

He Said, She Said... said...

Adriana, Thank you so much! I am looking up both now. I like the idea of upping my milk supply much more than defaulting to formula.

Jazzie said...

you have such a sweet blog!
xxo, Jazzie

Mandy said...

I don't have any experience yet... but I have been reading this book called "Babywise" and they talk about how to keep a baby awake while breastfeeding (tickling/rubbing their feet, changing their diaper, talking to them, touching their face). It is a really great book... I haven't tested it out yet- but I know people who swear by this book.

Casey Martinez said...

my daughter hated tummy time ALWAYS...she never grew to love it and truthfully, I never forced it as it didn't make sense to let her scream for 15 minutes to prove a point. I was told that eventually she would roll onto her stomach and then begin learning on her own. I did about 5-10 minutes of tummy time a couple times a day and I would prop her on the boppy in front of the TV at eye level for her. That was the only thing that worked. She is almost 10 months and sits up, crawls and pulls up like the best of them! Every baby is so different and they go at such different paces. Do you follow the eat play sleep routine? That was such a huge help for me. I wasn't into it at all initially but, once I figured out a pattern my daughter learned that all on her own that she ate as soon as she woke up and then she played after. She never wanted to sleep after eating once that routine was established. Good luck!

allie said...

baby gas: have you tried the "i love you" belly massage? with a little oil and warm hands it would work wonders for henry's pain. good luck!
also, have you tried taking fenugreek? i totally notice a huge increase in my milk supply after only the second day of taking it!

He Said, She Said... said...

Thank you ladies for all your comments.
I tried the power pumping, however it took so much out of me! And with Chloe being a handful lately, I really didn't have the time to poewr pump often enough for it to work.
I decided to try the fenugreek pills, since I keep hearing about that.
I also ended up using gripe water to help with gas relief. You can read about it in my next post!

Again, thank you so much for all your answers!

oh and Mandy, I have the babywise book, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I really should, thank you for reminding me!

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