Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Sign Language

I seriously want to do bay sign language. If you have the option for your little one to communicate with you rather than cry in frustration, why wouldn't you do it? The only thing is, there are so many baby sign dvd's out there and the reviews all seem mixed as to whether they are good or not. I definitely want one that focuses on ASL. I already have a signing book of my own, but I just don't know where to begin to try and teach Chloe.

So my question to you/// Have any of you tried this? Was it successful? Any drawbacks (I.E. speech being delayed)? Which program did you use? Anything else needed to be noted or any suggestions would be super helpful!

Thanks a bunch!

♥ Michelle


Deanna said...

ok. so this has nothing to do with baby sign language, but i just watched your pregnancy announcement video. it was SO friggen cute! :)

Rebecca said...

amen to this! I am expecting my little one very soon and have been doing so research on baby signing and just don't know which route to go. PS, you are so lovely and beautiful, seriously. And Chloe, OH MY, what a doll!

Eva said...

we used baby sign language in the daycares I worked at and the babies loved it! they caught on really fast to simple signs like "more" and "all done" and "stop". I think it's great. happy signing! :)

She Said... said...

funny you mention that. I am posting about it today. haha.

Thank you! You are too kind. Let me know if you decide on one and which one you use. :)

Did they happen to teach you HOW to show them to the kids? That's the questionable part. I am glad it works though!

Molly M. said...

I just googled and there are some really helpful FREE sites....BUT,I only taught my kids about 3 or 4 signs. The onnes I thought would be most helpful. Once they started doing them---around 10/11 mths old...it was a HUGE blessing and I recommend it to anyone with a baby on the way...we have avoided MANY battles of confusion with signs.

The Peanut Gallery said...

I tried with P (not very hard) but I would start small with a few sigs.

More- we used this one when eating so id let her finish and then ask more? and add to her plate

Bath- we used to take a bath every night for her first year so that was something routine that could be easily be caught on.

but yeah id just start with things you do daily maybe pick 5 and work on those then once she has those down expand

good luck!

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