Friday, March 18, 2011

I heart green!

Happy belated St.Patty's day! We had a blast at work yesterday. We decorated the office and everyone dressed in green (I wore one of my fave green ruffle cardigan and green flats). Then our boss bought us Chicago style pizza (yum!) and green beer. All in all a very fun day! Then I went over to a friends house to make a diaper cake for James' sisters baby shower. I will post pics of it after the shower. I loved how it turned out! Maybe I will even do a tutorial on it. :)
I wish I had a picture for how Cute Chloe looked. My sister, Virginia, bought her a onsie that said "Born Lucky" and she was wearing a green bow with green and white polka-dotted baby leggies. I guess you can just use your imagination and picture a ridiculously cute 4 month old dressed head to toe in green.

Hope you all had fun yesterday!

♥ Michelle


Eva said...

that's an adorable cardigan! my day wasn't quite as fun, had my wisdom teeth pulled, d'oh!

Deanna said...

i LOVE that little heart with your hands picture. :)

when you sent in the email for 'meet new bloggers' i thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Megan said...

You look adorable!! Love that ruffle cardigan. UMMMMMMM, how do your fingers bend like that?? Haha! Totally crazy, but definitely loving the heart that they make!!

Mom said...

i LOVE all the green. And I have to agree it is kinda neat that you can just put your hands up like that and make that heart. I love you.

She Said... said...

I have ridiculously crooked pinky fingers. Hahahaha.

I saw your post! Hope you are feeling better now. All I ate when I had my wisdom teeth pulled was mashed potatoes and coconut frozen yogurt.... actually, I am kinda craving that now that I write it out. haha.

awww. Thanks! Can't wait for your feature to begin.


Danielle said...

I LOVE that sweater. It is amazingly cute.

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