Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

So funny that Ashley over at The Peanut Gallery posted here about her guilty pleasures. I actually was writing in my journal about my secret addictions a couple days ago and when I watched her video, I knew I had to share mine.

First thing that comes to mind: Jersey Shore. They seriously crack me up. It is very hard to make me actually laugh out loud when I am watching or reading something, but this show makes me do it every freakin' episode. James constantly teases me about it. Especially because we don't have cable, so I have to watch it through MTV online and I sit and watch all extras, behind the scenes and interview stuff. It's pretty bad.

I also happen to own every cd by Taylor Swift. I know she is a teen sensation, I also know she doesn't have the most amazing voice. But she is just so darn sweet. Her songs are super catchy and they bring out the teenage girl in me. Even though I wouldn't have touched that music when I actually was a teenager. And yes, I would love to dress up in a prom dress every day, just like her.

Twilight: I know, I know. me too? yes. The movies, eh, whatevs. But I LOVE the books. I practically devoured them when I was reading them. In fact, James loves them too. He hates reading so he didn't actually read them, but he made me give him a play by play of everything. He would always ask me to recap every detail as soon as I put the book down to take a break. haha.

Food, particularly Mexico Food (yes, I call it Mexico food). I could eat this every single day. All I crave is taco shops. haha. I am sure it isn't the healthiest, but boy is it tasty! My favs are california burritos, choirzo burritos and cheese enchiladas. yum! I am wanting them right now even though I am stuffed from lunch. That's how bad it is.  I don't know what we are going to do when we move to Portland and there are not taco shops on every corner. :( 

I was hoping I could Vlog it for Vlogging Wednesdays, but I never got around to it... oh well. Maybe next week.

What are some of YOUR guilty pleasures?

♥ Michelle


ms. elisabeth said...

I'm totally serious when I say I have the EXACT same list as you, minus taylor swift :)!!
that's too funny!

have a good day!

Eva said...

my guilty pleasure is food, in general. sweet, savoury, i like it all..too much

Rebecca said...

this is so great! I'm the same way with watching reality tv... and we dont have cable either. So thats me too, sitting online watching each and every episode, clip, deleted scene, etc. I just finished catching up on the bachelor on hulu, and my husband got so into it because of me. He would want for me to fill him in each evening with all the juicy details :)

The Peanut Gallery said...

so funny! You def need to do it next week!

PS OBSESSED with Tay lol I have 'speak now' in my car and listen to it every. single. day.
Mikey is like 'seriously Ashley are you not sick of this yet?' and the answer is no. I honestly dont think I could ever be sick of her!

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