Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Fur Kid

With a new child, it is easy to accidentally neglect our fur kid, Peanut. He is the sweetest pup who absolutely adores his parents (us) no matter how silly we dress him up. He was our baby. We took him everywhere, we held him all the time, we loved on him constantly.
 I feel bad saying this, but at first, when Chloe was born I couldn't stand Peanut. He was driving me crazy! He didn't quite understand that he wasn't able to get all of our attention anymore. While I would be holding Chloe, he would be pawing at my arm and whimper for me to pay attention to him too. He would start barking at me to notice him all the time and I just couldn't handle it then. Now, that I have had 3 months to figure out how to balance both, I am pretty good. And peanut LOVES Chloe. He is protective of her when strangers come over and he has no problem sharing our laps with her too.

So here is to our first little one that has now taken a back seat, but still loves us anyway.... 

Any one else have a pets that had to make adjustments when a baby came? How did they deal?

♥ Michelle


jilliann said...

I'm just blog browsing today and stumbled upon your cute little space. thought instead of just thinking I liked your blog I would tell you, it's always nice to hear right?
p.s. your daughter was born on my anniversary <3

Anonymous said...

aww, that's sweet that peanut is protective of her :) I dunno if you've heard of Sherry and John from Young House Love, but they also have cute little pup, that is protective of their new baby girl :) Here's the link in case you ever wanna check out their site

Since I dont have human babies yet, I havnt experienced this, but I do have my fur baby, Ivy. :)

Callie Nicole said...

We have a Yorkshire terrior, Ralphie, who is my "fur-baby", and we just had our first child a month ago - he's been acting kind of down since we brought Wyatt home, and he is really clingy to me right now - if he gets an opportunity to sit on my lap, he jumps on it (no pun intended!). Other than being clingy though, he's handling everything pretty well - hopefully he'll get more protective of our boy in the following months too!

I just came across your blog - it looks like we have alot in common! My hubby and I are Christians as well - we got married in 2008, we have a new baby, and of course the small dog thing . . . *smile*.

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