Monday, April 25, 2011

Featured on Meet New Bloggers!

Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody has a fabulous feature where she introduces new blogs every Monday. It is a fantastic idea to find a new blog read. Today, she has featured my blog. Click here to read all about it.

Deanna's blog is hilarious and she has the BEST feature called GAGE SAYS where she talks about all the ridiculously funny things her oldest son says. She is really one of my favorite bloggers. Go, read her blog, add her to your blog roll and show her some love!

♥ Michelle


crystal.m. said...

I'm here after reading Deanna's spotlight on you- love it! Pleased to meet you- my name's Crystal! Oh, and 'Gage Says' is totally my fave too! :)

crystal.m. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too- duh, I totally didn't include a picture of the tattoo in that post I just did! so thanks for the prompt- there's one in there now! :) Talk to ya soon!

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