Monday, April 11, 2011

S.O.S. {4.10.11}

This weekend sure was eventful and much needed!

Saturday we met up with my parents, one of my sisters and some family friends to go play paintball. My sister and I didn't actually play, we watched Chloe the whole time and talked, but we watched everyone else have a last. Then we decided to go into Historic town of Ramona for some late lunch and antique shopping. It was fun, we found tons of stuff we fell in love with. Chloe was so great the whole time and never fussed. She must love vintage items too, just like her parents.

Sunday we went to church and listened to a guest speaker from the San Diego Dream Center. I am so glad our small group has committed to once a month helping out there.God is doing so much with that church and the people who run it. I was so inspired by the pastor there. They put on Sunday services as well as minister to the homeless and needy. They are such a blessing to San Diego.
After church a bunch of us (about 20) took over the Chipotle. It was a blast and of course the food was super yummy. James and I really enjoying connecting with the young adults at our church. We have been trying to get to know the people in our young adults life group a little better by doing outings like this and we seem to learn something new about someone every time.

Sunday Evening was our first date night since becoming parents! We were originally planning on getting sushi, but the late lunch from Chipotle still left us stuffed, so we opted to walk around the Embarcadero taking pictures and laughing a bunch. We ended up walking to Seaport Village and then took the ferry to Coronado. It was a sweet night that was much needed. Even though Chloe really isn't bad to take out into public, that alone time without her was really nice. We got to actually hold hands the entire night!  (since one of us is always holder the baby carrier or the stroller, we never get to anymore.) It was freezing down by the bay, but that just gave us a reason to snuggle closer. ;) More pics on our date night later with the 30 post challenge.

Anyway, hope your weekend was as great as mine. I hear the sunshine and warm weather is everywhere these days! Yay for spring!

oh ya, what I wore:

♥ Michelle


Deanna said...

hey michelle! i was just checking in to make sure your chomping necklace came in.

Mom said...

love the outfit. You both look so happy.

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