Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zeppi Prints

I won a contest on Spearmint Baby for 2 prints from ZEPPI PRINTS. As per the request of Ashley from The Peanut Gallery, I wanted to show you the 2 prints we got. Robin from Zeppi prints was sweet and responded to my request and customization questions quickly.

 Since I LOVE owls, I got to pick out the Owls print in the "squash" color for the first print. It was a close call between the owls or the cuttle fish print.

I wanted to get the deer family print, as the other, however, James made a good point that if we plan to have another little one here in the next couple years, then this print would be short lived. So we opted for the Love Birds print. I know it's hard to see, but the heart on the tree has J & M written on it.

We found the frames at Joannes (on sale for 50% off - score!). They look great next to the empty spot on the wall by our tv. :) We even mixed it up and added our Ashley G and Drew wood print with them. The colors in the Ashley G painting brought it all together.

*Pardon the bad pictures. I just don't have the time today to edit or take a billion pictures until one comes out just right.

So there, you have it. I will post a picture of the teething necklace that I won from Delirious Rhapsody and let you know how Chloe likes it when I receive it soon. (Thanks Deanna!)

♥ Michelle


The Peanut Gallery said...

LOVE them! good choices! I esp like the love bird one.

Hubs made a good point which is a bummer because i love the family tree ones too but you can always get one once your little family is complete!

Zeppi Prints said...

Hi, This is Robin at Zeppi Prints...these look great in your arrangement. I hope you guys enjoy them and thanks for entering the contest!

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