Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

We have our young adults life group/bible study that we lead every Wednesday night. Last night was our first night without Michael. We were so sad. He is a Marine and had to leave to go to Afghanistan until next year. He is a good man an a good friend. He brings a lot of fun and honesty to our group and we will miss him greatly.

We had a surprise going away party for him a couple weekends ago and I never got to post about it. So here they are.
Michael is the one in the middle

These girls crack me up. Oh and we had yummy catered Mexico food.

I like to go extreme with my themes. That's how I roll.

the inevitable "baby room"

serious ping pong tournament


Danielle & Noah - Chloe's future husband
even Chloe will miss Michael
Here's to you Michael - Stay safe! We are praying for you!

♥ Michelle


crystal.m. said...

Aww, you are too sweet! I wish we had a young adults group here! I have to ask, do you ever get any flack from church members about your tattoos?
I'll put Michael in my prayers :)

crystal.m. said...

On this post before, I had asked if you ever get any flack from your Church peers about your tattoos? Oh, and I also said that it was nice to have a surprise party for Michael- he was in my prayers last night! :)

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