Monday, May 9, 2011

my very own mother's day

I was super excited about Mothers Day because it was my very first as a mother. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. I felt like it was a weekend celebration.

He only looks mean, he becomes a teddy bear when he play with Chloe.

On Saturday, my family got together to celebrate my amazing mom. We went to a beautiful park in Poway, everything was lush and green and the weather was absolutely beautiful! We even were able to take little Peanut with us. Chloe loves being outside as do I, it made for good attitudes and a non fussy baby. It was really relaxing and peaceful. We made sandwiches and had fruit, chips and cookies. A perfect lunch, if you ask me. We also played a rousing game of 10,000 (our family LOVES this game). My mom even surprised me with Tulips and a thoughtful gift for ME. So sweet of her to think of me as well.

On Sunday, James asked for the day off of worship so we could spend the morning together (usually I drop him off at church early and sit at Denny's across the street with Chloe until church starts about 2 hours later). It was nice to sleep in and wake up not rushed to get ready. I'm not gonna lie, it was nice to know I didn't have to go sit alone at a restaurant for 2 hours by myself. I was surprised with flowers, a movie and a professional message (I have been wanting this since I was pregnant)! I also received the most heart felt card from James that made me cry. It said all this super sweet mushy stuff and it was very encouraging. We went to church and I received a rose and some chocolates and then our church prayed over all the mothers.

After church we went to eat some great sushi! Yummmmmmmm. We were planning to spend the rest of the day at Balboa Park, but the weather was rainy and cold and Chloe was not having that again. We decided to head home, snuggle and watch some movies, Skype the other moms and just spend some uninterrupted family time.

All in all, I would say it was the best Mother's Day, relaxing and surrounded by the ones I love.

How was all of your Mothers Day?

The mommies

♥ Michelle


Callie Nicole said...

Aw, sweet! I love that last picture of the three of you. Sounds like a wonerful first Mother's Day!

crystal.m. said...

Happy first Mothers Day! I'm happy that you were celebrated in so many sweet ways- Us moms deserve it every once in awhile :)

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so sweet. happy mother's day :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU,for the sweet things you say and do. I am so proud of you as will your daughter be. She is so lucky to have you for a mom. Love you

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