Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Q&A: How we met {She Said}

My blogger friend Deanna asked how James and I met. It is actually sort of complicated. More like a He said, She said kinda thing.... So here is MY version. James' version is TOTALLY different.

When people ask how James and I met, I always say through our mutual friend Willy. I guess technically that is not how we met, but that is how we started talking and that is when I first realized he existed.

James is introverted and used to mainly keep to himself (that's until I came along). James had (dressed all in black, mind you) showed up at Willy's going away party. He showed up late, and hung out in the corner, hardly talking to anyone. (Later, I found out he was dressed all in black because he had just gotten off of work. And he was really tired from work, so he didn't feel like socializing.) Being my outgoing self, I came up and introduced myself and started asking him all sorts of questions to get him to open up. I don't know what it is about shy people, but I am drawn to them. I guess I like to see them as a challenge, I want to get them to open up.

After a while of chatting, I started to feel like this guy was getting annoyed or bored with me. He seemed too nice to say "leave me alone", so I eventually said good night and continued on with the party. A couple days later, I found out that James somehow knew all of my closest friends, not just Willy. How did this cute (but strange) guy know all of MY friends and how have we never met before the party??? I mean, I hung out with this group of friends almost every single night. James claims he had been hanging out with them too and that he met me before that party. I disagree. He must have been some sort of stalker or something. No, seriously, we joke about him being my stalker all the time. Although, sometimes I think he is serious.

Eventually I found James on Myspace (yes, I had a myspace. I don't anymore, but I definitely like it better than Facebook.) I can't remember quite how I came upon his page, probably through one of my friends who apparently knew this stranger.

Fast forward to a couple weeks later and we were going on our first date. Although, we never called it our first date. We were just planning to meet up to "hang out" and then go meet up with our mutual friends. We met at our favorite taco shop, ate yummy pollo asada, and laughed a whole lot. He didn't seem that shy anymore and he was super funny. We then met our friends downtown and walked around the Gaslamp. Eventually our friends parted ways, but we didn't really want to call it a night. So James took me up to this mountain near where he lived and we sat up there, under the moon and stars and talked until it was morning.

And from that night on, we have been inseparable.
Stayed Tuned! James will be sharing HIS totally different version of how we met next!


Keri-Anne said...

how perfect. it sounds quite similar to how me and my boy met. talkin under the stars ♥

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love how you're going to be show james' version as well!

Haley Galloway said...

I love stories of "how we met"!

Totally swooning now thinking about the early days of my husband and I meeting. Love it.

crystal.m. said...

This is an adorable story! :) You're definitely cute enough to have a (fake) stalker!

Linette said...

I happened to stumble across your blog and feel in love. I think your love story is amazing. My fiancé and I can never agree on how we met or started dating, But like you one of us was the "stalker" he claims it was me, but i NEVER knew the man even worked with me, let alone existed till another co-worker introduced us!


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