Tuesday, June 21, 2011


my friend Betsy at three.20 blog introduced me to WORDLE. It's a fun and unique site where you can input your blog url and it will create "words of art" from words found on your blog. Then you can play around with colors and fonts. Here is what it came up with for me:

Wordle: She Said

Go check it out and create one of your own!


Anonymous said...

That thing is tons of fun :)
Love the new banner by the way :) Did you make it yourself?

Olivia Grace said...

I love Wordle!! This one is super cool! And you new header is beautiful, what a gorgeous family:)

Vivienne said...

this is awEsOme!!! & i love your new blog title x gOrgeOus x


Donna G said...

How fun!! I made one for you to check out :)
It was wonderful seeing you Saturday!

Shayleen said...

Oh that is so much fun! :) I am totally in love with it :)

You're blog looks fabulous by the way!

Rachel said...

Oh, that's adorable!!! I cannot wait to go make one for my blog! <3 Found you through a friend's blog, and I just have to say, you are so freaking cute! Your blog is so sweet and different. I love it, and you now have a new follower! <3

She Said... said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments about my updated blog. :) I did make it myself and it is fun learning all this tech stuff.

Hello! To the new followers! I can't wait to read your blogs and get to know you!

LOVED your Wordle! And I love that GOD was so huge! :) Made me smile!

The Peanut Gallery said...

how fun Im gonna check this out after baby goes to bed!

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