Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Birthday Ideas?

I am a big party planner and I start planning parties wayyy in advance. I feel like I am falling behind with Chloe's 1st birthday only 4 months away! Most of our family is coming to be here for that weekend (it helps that it is also Thanksgiving weekend). I can't wait to celebrate this special day with all the family!
My sister has already mentioned she wants to make themed cupcakes. (hmm... maybe a cupcake themed party?)

I was thinking it would be so much easier to go with a couple colors and center everything around that. Like a very happy YELLOW birthday party. I am a sucker for yellow, one of my fave colors. It's so happy and cheerful. And it's not your typical pink girl party. Plus, that candy bar looks DELISH and so pretty with the ruffle streamers.
via The Sweetest Occasion Blog

I know I want to include tons of hand made fabric flag banners. Sheri from Young House Love had made one for her daughters birthday here. And better yet, I could even make cake bunting with this tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion found here.
via The Sweetest Occasion

and I can make invites that have printed pennant banners like this:
via Jack & Izzy Blog

I definitely want to have a little candy/treat/dessert bar with cute little things like cake pops and chocolate dipped pretzels and marshmallows.  I could definitely make these on my own, I feel they would be super easy to make. Just decorate with sprinkles and a bow to match the colors of the party.
via Maddycakes Muse Blog
I cant wait to get started on planning! Anyone have any ideas or tricks of the trade for throwing a big birthday party on a tight budget? I would love to here your suggestions!


Jessie said...

Two things I did for my son's 1st birthday that were both a huge hit-

I typed up and printed out a ton of "facts" about Jayden's 1st year. His birth weight, date of first tooth, favorite foods, etc. Then I hole punched them and tied them to the utensils with a ribbon so every guest got one. You could also attach to favors, or outside of cups.

I also made a clothesline-timeline by printing out a picture of each of his monthly photo shoots, with the date and "one month old" etc next to it, then strung them on a clothesline with the exact outfit he wore in each picture next to it. It was so fun for guests to walk along and see him each month and how much he's grown!

Both were practically free, just some materials from home. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

that looks like its gonna be a super cute party. Can't wait to see pics :)

Danielle said...

My daughter turns one in 4 months-ish as well and i feel so behind! are you in my head or smething bc your ideas are the same as mine! ha not exactly the same but very similar! its overwhelming bc you want everything to be perfect! but im sure they will both be wonderful! our theme is cupcakes but that is her room theme and my baby shower theme when i was preg!

Emily Kate said...

That sounds so adorable, I'd def go for the banner/color theme!

Amy said...

Well I'm probably really out of control..My daughter is only 4 months, and I'm already planning ideas for her 1 year party!

I also LOVE the idea of posting pictures from each month of her first year. Also, thinking along the clothesline could add little color coordinating outfits/onesies that are part of her gifts as decoration on the clothesline.

You mentioned your sister wanting to do a cupcake theme, and you wanting to do like a sweets you could do a "sweets" themed party with your yellow color scheme. Between the pictures and all the sweets your decorations would be done! You could even do little candy themed cut outs and have each guest write a little something about a little something to your daughter,maybe their favorite memory with her so far, or something they love about her etc..and drop them in a candy dish! Later you can put them in a scrapbook for her!


Ashleigh said...

I am so excited for all the future birthday parties I get to plan now!!! Love your inspiration pictures!

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