Wednesday, July 6, 2011

short and sweet

Betsy over at Three.20 posted this survey and asked her readers to do the same... so here you go. I would love for YOU to do the questionnaire as well, it's fun to get to know my readers. :)

Using only one word, answer the following questions. Interpret freely.
1) Your cell phone? boring
2) Your hair? unnatural
3) Your mother? strong
4) Your father? Southern
5) Your favorite thing? creating
6) Your dream last night? none
7) Your favorite drink? hot chocolate
8) Your dream/goal? explorer
9) What room are you in? office
10) Your hobby? scrapbooking
11) Your biggest fear? alone
12) Where were you last night? home
13) Something that you're not? shy
14) Muffins? bald cupcake
15) Wish list item? books
16) Last thing you did? blog
17) What are you wearing? dress
18) Friends? happy
Love? James
20) Drinking? strawberry soda pop
Your mood? relaxed
22) Your car? dirty
23) Your style? random
24) Something you're not wearing? cardigan
25) Your favorite store? Ruche (although I never can afford to shop there)
26) Your Favorite Color? mustard
27) Your favorite place to eat? Casa Del Sol
28) Favorite place you would like to be right now? Balboa Park
29) Your pet peeve? Attention Seekers (look at me, look at me, look at me!)
30) Your favorite website? idk... amazon?

p.s. So I cheated and some of these are 2 words, but you get the point. I would love to see what YOUR answers would be!


Anonymous said...


crystal.m. said...

I got them 3/$10 at Ardene's! score hey? I LOVE bargains. I rarely pay full price for things- unless it's an 'i'd die without this' kinda something.

How are you? I haven't seen much from you lately. I hope everything's good! Do you have twitter?

She Said... said...

Hello Crystal! I don't have twitter... I really try to stay off the computer outside of work so I can focus on family time with hubs and the little one.... With so much activity and such that we are involved in, family time is scarce... but I will be blogging soon with TONS of updates... :)

I am still reading blogs though! So, at least I know what's going on in YOUR neck of the woods. ;)

kind of like "I can see you but you can't see me!" haha. sounded kinda creepy.

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