Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Preview

So James and I decided to be something really fun and different this year. We are making our costumes with whatever we have in the closet and only a $15 limit from the thrift store. This should be interesting.I actually didn't buy anything from the thrift store, my costume is made with my clothes I already owned and a hat I made with some craft supplies already on hand! Here is what I came up with so far... It's creepy enough for Halloween with the adults at work, then I can take the makeup off and be a non scary clown for Halloween with Chloe. We are making chloe's clown costume too!(does anyone know where I can buy a black and white striped long sleeve onesie/bodysuit for Chloe?)

Anyway, hope this inspires some of you to come up with something fun and original this Halloween!

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