Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mine for Nine

I was reading a parenting magazine and there was this little section about this amazing site called Mine for Nine. It is a website where you can rent maternity clothes for the period of your pregnancy. Then you can return them when you are finished. You rent by the month because they understand that your body changes just as much as your mood does when pregnant.  The cost is pretty great too. I browsed on the site and picked some clothes I would rent if I were pregnant now.... Seriously, I will NOT be buying clothes for my next pregnancy, I will be RENTING them!

Top $ 27 to borrow
Pants $21 to borrow

$20 to borrow

$22 to borrow

$45 to borrow - This would be my pregnancy little black dress.

$20 to borrow
I seriously can't wait to be pregnant again and actually be fashionable this time! (okay, I CAN wait to be pregnancy, but at least I have something other than a baby to look forward to the next go around).
If any of you are pregnant now or are planning to be pregnant in the future, you should definitely look into this site!


Olivia Grace said...

This is amazing!!!! Totally book marking this site, what a great idea!!

MJ said...

That's fantastic! Wonder if Canada is included in this??

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i think i'm really cheap because the only maternity clothes i bought were dresses to wear to my papa's funeral and visitation.

The Sims II said...

I just packed up all my prego clothes for my friend, but I will definitely be referring her to this sight as well!!

Miranda said...

What an awesome idea! I hated buying maternity clothes knowing they'd only be useful for such a short amount of time. I hated looking schlumpy too. next time, I'll rent some

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