Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beauty Week Day 3 - Hair!

Today, we talk about one of the things that can stand out most about your appearance. HAIR. People even have mood changes depending on if it's a bad hair day or not. (I may or may not have been grumpy due to my unruly locks). People spend good money on getting there hair done - cut, colored and styled just perfectly. I have also been one of those people. Today we will have some lovely ladies talk about how to create a great hair style.

Hello She Said readers! I am Rylie from Compelled, and I am here to talk to you about your crowning glory, the mane attraction -- that's right, your hair. The messy, el natural look is so in right now...But for girls like me who don't have that scrumptious hair naturally, I have some great news: I've found a solution! It's called curling your hair with a flat iron. I know it sounds very anticlimactic, but trust me, it works!

There are two different 'types of curls' that you can do with a flat iron: 

The twist: 
1). Simply take a strand of hair and -- you guessed it -- twist it! 
2). Flat iron the twist.

 The curl: 
1). Hold the flat iron horizontally as close to your head as you can get.
2). Slowly start to turn the flat iron in a circle. (TIP: Always make sure the curls are curled away from your face.)
3). By the end, you should have reached somewhere between a 180* and a 270* turn.

And the end result:

When I curl my hair, I use both interchangeably... Though I probably try to use the curl more, it just works better with my hair type. 

I sure have enjoyed this! Thank you so much, Michelle, for letting me talk to your gals! :)

Did this tutorial not work for you? You might want to try this one, or this one, maybe even this one.

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She Said... said...

I usually style my hair the second way you showed, but never have tried the twist. I will definitely do that soon. Can't wait!

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