Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beauty Week Day 3 - Hair

I would like to introduce you to Lisa from This Little Life of Mine. This is her very first guest blog post and I am so honored its on my blog!  I love reading about her fun adventures and her little ones are adorable! Make sure to stop by her blog and say Hello! She also has my dream career, lucky girl. So, here is Lisa!

I've been a hairdresser for almost 12yrs ( yes, I started when I was 19 ) and as a mom and I'd say 70% of my clients are moms too.

The best thing to do for your hair is find a talented stylist you really connect with.  It's so hard to find a good one that really gets the fact that you want amazing hair but don't really have the time to put into styling it every day.  Some days I'm lucky I get my hair shampooed before 4:00pm on days I'm not working.

The best thing you can honestly do is find the right one for you.  Whether you spend 25 dollars or 200 dollars for a haircut the price really doesn't guarantee you will get a good or bad haircut. 

Here are a few of my tips on finding a great stylist:
1. If you like someone's hair, find out who their stylist is.
2. Before you schedule an appointment, have a consultation.
3. Just because its the "it" salon of the moment doesn't mean its the best. It probably just means the have a great PR person or have spent a ton on advertising.   
4. Take photos of haircuts and colors you love and ones you don't.  You can not only express what you want but let them know what you want to stay away from.

Having time for yourself and taking and hour out for yourself can almost be like a mini vacation. Yeah, leave the short people at home so you can relax. 


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She Said... said...

great ideas for finding a stylist - especially coming from a stylist! Thank you Lisa!

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