Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Decorating

Halloween is hands down James favorite holiday. He usually gets free rein to do whatever he wants to our house for Halloween. He usually goes all out with scary (and I mean scary) figurines, wall, window and door hangings, skulls that drip red blood candle wax, full size skeletons, all the works...
Spooky Couch Cover from Target
If it were up to James, our house pretty much would look like this

 hand from Target
usually we have things like this
Spider Skeleton from Target
I am sure if James saw this there, he would have tried to convince me we needed it.

Zombie from Target
I know James would have loved this!
 However, now that we have a baby, things have changed. We have to be careful not to make it too scary for her and we have to make sure that everything is put up on tall shelves and countertops that she cannot reach. We can't put out a spooky table cloth or fun spider webs all over the place because I know she will find a way to 1) pull them down and everything else with it or 2) eat it.

  This year we had toned it down quite a lot and have gone more the cutesy "Martha Stewart" route instead. And you know what, I like it. James thinks it looks more like a "moms" Halloween and it looks cheesy and I am a-okay with that. I for one, do not love being scared every time I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. Plus, I really do like the cutesy stuff.  This year we just ended up going to Target to get additional Halloween Decor. I was surprised that there was a lot more there that I wanted then I would have expected.
Candelabra from Target
We put a bunch candelabras like these around our house with orange and yellow candles
Orange Berry Wreath from Target
I don't know why I really like wreaths hung on front doors.
And this one would work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Frankenstein Nutcracker from Target
This would looks so cute on my bookshelf!

Vintage Wall Hangs from Target
Target even has vintage designs that they made with real wood. I LOVED these!

So it got me wondering, did anyone else changed the way they decorated for a "scary" holiday like this when they had kids? Also, anyone have any ideas for cutesy Halloween decor that James might like? Can anyone give me some suggestions of other places to get some fun Halloween decor?


Haley Galloway said...

I LOVED Halloween as a kid, and then when I married Brice we kind of stopped "celebrating" it. Brice grew up in a very traditional Christian family and never was allowed to go trick or treating. His mom never passed out candy or anything at all.

This wasn't cool with me!! haha. I completely understand where his parents were coming from, but personally I wanted our children to be able to dress up and participate in it. This year Sophie is for sure going trick or treating and Brice has totally seen my side on it, which is great. (Sorry if this is turning into a novel about my personal life, haha).

ANYWAYS! I don't know if you have, but you should check out (if you need an invite I will email you one). There's a ton of DIY ideas on there as far as decorations for holidays such as Halloween. There's a lot of "harvest" themed decorations you can check out (painting/carving pumpkins, making halloween themed cookies...etc).

There's gotta be a happy medium I guess! You can mix scary and cutesy/innocent.

Breanne said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Your husband and my husband would get along great! Kendall LOVES halloween. I catch him buying stuff for it year round. For instance, he used to have a skeleton that rode with him in the front seat of his car. He had a name for it and everything.
I love what you've come up with so far. I really like this idea!

Have fun decorating! :)

Danielle said...

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays as well. I love, love, love decorating for it too.

Donna G said...

Saw this page and I thought of you

but I think these would be more applicable to what you are looking for :)

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